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La Maison du Cinéma is located downtown Sherbrooke, near the best restaurants, breweries, boutiques and cafes in town ! An ideal destination for a wonderful outing; Dinner-movie-dessert. Lunch-movie-museum. A show/movie double program. The combinations are endless!
[break] [subtitle]VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE TO GET OUR PRODUCTS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP[/subtitle] [subtitle]Entrance Fee[/subtitle] [subtitle]All prices include taxes[/subtitle] [tarif]General admission:[prix]10,25 $[/prix][/tarif] [tarif]4 to 13 years old :[prix]5,00 $[/prix][/tarif] [tarif]14 to 25 years old:[prix]7,00 $[/prix][/tarif] [tarif]65 years old +:[prix]8,00 $[/prix][/tarif] [tarif]Tuesday:[prix]7,00 $[/prix][/tarif] [tarif]Afternoon:[prix]8,00 $[/prix][/tarif]





[tarif underline=”false”]Opera[prix label=”gen. Adm”]20,00 $[/prix][/tarif] [break] [subtitle]RealD 3D TECHNOLOGY[/subtitle] [tarif underline=”false”][prix_3 lien=”” blanc=”3 $ fee per admission” gris=”applicable for 3D technology” prix=””][/tarif] [break] [subtitle]Gift Certificates[/subtitle] [tarif modalite=”*The card owner can freely use the quantity of entries available. Comes to $7.00 per movie any time.”][prix_3 blanc=”Ciné-Carte*” gris=”/ 8 films for” prix=”56,00 $”][/tarif] [tarif modalite=”*An admission at $7.00 for anyone 25 years old and under. No expiry date. Valid anytime for any regular movie.”][prix_3 popup=”true” lien=”” blanc=”Acces 25 card* ” gris=”/ 1 admission for” prix=”6,50 $”][/tarif] [tarif][prix_3 target=”_blank” lien=”” blanc=”Carte Blanche” gris=”/ Exclusive offer for students at UDES -” prix=”49,00 $”][/tarif] [subtitle]RESTO-CINEMA[/subtitle] [tarif modalite=”For restaurants offering restaurant-theater packages, click Read More”][prix_3 popup=”true” lien=”” blanc=”Cinema restaurant packages” gris=”” prix=””][/tarif]