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Through the fire

1 h 57 min
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Through the fire

1 h 57 min


This is the story of Franck, a young and dedicated Parisian firefighter, happily married and the father of twin baby girls. Shortly after being promoted to being the leader of his fire crew, he and his team face their first big fire in a warehouse in the suburbs. It is a very dangerous blaze, with a number of injured firefighters. While saving one of his colleagues, Franck is severely burned when flaming debris falls on him. He spends the next two years in a hospital, first wrapped like a mummy until slowly the devastation of his face and body become apparent when bandages are removed. No matter how careful the medical staff is, Franck is in agony during a lot of the procedures, such as when he is lowered into an antiseptic bath so that dead flesh can be removed. His wife and parents visit regularly, and he undergoes physical therapy. He is able to walk again, but his throat and lungs were injured in such a way that his voice will never be the same. He sounds like an old man when he talks. Half of his face was so badly burned that he wears a plastic mask most of the time. He is finally able to return home, receives a medal for bravery, but life is obviously not the same. His little daughters start crying the moment they see him, and the strain on his couple proves to be too much so they split up. Even though he considers suicide, he slowly rebuilds his life, and the employment office for the handicapped helps to get him a job in a music school. He finally feels that life is worth living again, takes the covers off the mirrors in his apartment and contacts his wife. Maybe they will get together again, but that final element is not revealed to us.

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  • Pierre Niney
  • Anaïs Demoustier
  • Vincent Rottiers
  • Chloé Stefani
  • Sami Bouajila
  • Damien Bonnard


Frédéric Tellier

Release Date

29 March 2019


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