Poster pour Les derniers hommes éléphants

Les derniers hommes éléphants

1 h 26 min

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Les derniers hommes éléphants

1 h 26 min


The image postcard-perfect: delighted tourists are perched on an elephant’s back, roaming exotic lands, cameras hanging from their necks, their eyes shining with the thrill of the exotic. But who are the men guiding these tourists? And what is their relationship with the majestic beasts from which they earn their living? Beautifully photographed, sensitive, poetic: in Les derniers hommes éléphants we meet the Bunong people of Cambodia’s Mondulkiri province, near the Vietnamese border. For millennia, they have captured and tamed wild elephants. Today, this ancient culture is threatened by development pressures on the region’s forests and rivers, as well as by the difficulties of passing their traditions on to the next generation. (Source: RIDM)

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Arnaud Bouquet, Daniel Ferguson

Release Date

17 April 2015
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