Poster pour La Comédie Française – Le petit-maître corrigé

La Comédie Française - Le petit-maître corrigé

2 h 10 min

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La Comédie Française - Le petit-maître corrigé

2 h 10 min


Last year, this little-known play by Marivaux returned to the Comédie-Française for the first time since its disappointing reception in 1734. Two hundred and eighty-three years later, this return by demand is finally a great success!

The story is that of a young Parisian man whose parents have found for him a suitable match, the daughter of a count, in the country.
But when he arrives to visit, the dandy – whose Parisian ways are miles from the rules of etiquette adopted by this family – refuses to
open his heart to the charming young woman who has been chosen as his wife. Miffed, the latter decides to teach him a lesson for his

‘‘The notion of little master may be quite unfamiliar to us, but don’t we all know some stylish young men or women who pretentiously put on airs and for whom fashion is the only code? If we were to caricature them a bit, this is what we would call today a ‘fashion addict’.’’ With Marivaux’s play whose language is still ‘‘as clever, on point and full of humour,’’ Clément Hervieu-Léger puts the 18th century in resonance with our own times…

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25 March 2018
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